FUNDAPAZ’s task is carried out by interdisciplinary teams located in the towns of Santa Victoria, Los Blancos, La Unión and the city of Salta, in the province of Salta; in Robles, Garza and Salado Norte, in Santiago del Estero; in the Boscosa Cuña and the Submeridionales Basses, in Santa Fe, and in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The teams are made up of agricultural and forestry engineers, veterinarians, sociologists, communicators, lawyers, accountants, educators and graduates in natural resources.

A group of volunteers, committed to the search for a more just and supportive society, actively collaborates in the different areas and with the Foundation’s work teams.

Some achievements

Cooperative work

We act as consultants for 70 indigenous and farming organizations which are already in operation and which represent about 8000 families.

Lawful ownership

Together with other institutions, we have contributed to ensuring lawful ownership of 1,227,287 hectares of lands inhabited by more than 7,519 indigenous and rural families in the provinces of Salta, Santiago del Estero and the north of the province of Santa Fe


We have completed 208 works for access to water for human consumption and 578 works for access to water for agricultural production in all the provinces where we are working, benefiting more than 2822 families

Building and obtaining licence

As members of the Semiarid Platform, we have fostered the creation of the Water Access and Management Table of Chaco Salteño. Together with the other institutions and organizations that are members of the Table, we have completed 280 works for access to drinking water for consumption and production in this province.

Sustainable Management

More than 1315 families are carrying out various activities linked to the sustainable management of natural and productive resources


Steering committee

Strategic Coordination of Management and Institutional Relations
Gabriel Seghezzo.

National Programmatic Table Coordinator
Socio-organizational area
Martín Simón.

Communication Area
Sandra Califano.

Social networks
Juan Sollito.

Indigenous, Women and Youth Area
Silvia Reynoso.

Natural Assets and Sustainable Production Area
Pablo Contardo.

Geographic Information System Area
Álvaro Ludueña.

Institutional secretariat
María Cristina García

Administrative and Accounting Area
Area Manager
Cristina Díaz.

Salta Program

Territorial references
César Ardiles
Andrea Alvarez

Daniel Herrera
Ramón Torres
Néstor Montes

Administrative manager
Claudio Bennardis

Logistics and maintenance

Andrés Gutierrez

Santiago del Estero Program

Territorial reference

Paola Saavedra Simón

Administrative manager

Margarita Castillo

Sandro Taboada
Micaela Leguizamón

Santa Fe Program

Territorial reference
Horacio Moschen

Production Technician
Alfredo Paduán.

Jujuy Program
Territorial reference
Silvia Torres

Emilio Sánchez

Legal personality