About us

A non profit organization which has worked towards sustainable rural development together with indigenous communities and farm families in the region called The Argentine Chaco since 1973.

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    To promote fair and sustainable territorial human development in the north of Argentina, developing skills and strengthening the interaction between public, private, national and international stakeholders.


    To become a strategic stakeholder with social legitimacy, recognized by its skills and results, and therefore to promote full access and the exercise of rights of indigenous and rural communities and their organizations in the sustainable management of their territories


    • To support the growth of indigineous and rural organizations so that they can exercise their rights, manage their resources and take part in any decision making that affects them.

    • To advise the organizations in technical matters in order to develop and carry out actions that foster sustainability within their territories.

    • To influence on the creation of public policies to improve the life conditions of the indigenous and rural families we work with.

    • To encourage solidarity by participating and cooperating among the different actors.

    • To promote social awareness in all sectors within Argentina about the urgent need to contribute towards achieving real progress in justice and peace.

    Our Team

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